About us

Established in 1980, Emirates India International Exchange is among the most experienced exchange houses in UAE with our branches spread across the country. We have evolved with our clients and offer convenient money transfer solutions on technologically advanced platforms. Our strong network of correspondent banks and network partners across the globe makes it possible for us to fulfill every clients’ money transfer needs – whether it is sending money to their loved ones or for highly professional trade and business purposes. The customer-centric nature of our organization paired with our core values of honesty, transparency and integrity has resulted in us refining and nurturing human resources to excel in delivering impeccable service. Our time-tested expertise of over 3 decades reinstates our position as the most preferred money transfer provider with over 33 outlets across UAE.



To be the most recommended brand offering reliable financial services.


To offer quick, safe and affordable financial services locally and globally leveraging on emerging technology.

General Manager’s Message

It has always been our dream to offer services that will be valued by our customers. Since the company’s inception, we have been developing our products and services to make money transfer seamless and easy for our customers. Being a customer-oriented company, we pay close attention to our clients’ needs.

A company must grow with their client, and therefore we are always reinventing ourselves. Emirates India International Exchange has witnessed continuous evolution in last four decades in terms of our branch network, technology, infrastructure and product offerings.

We are proud of providing valuable services in a conscientious, warm manner and will strive to grow and stay as one of the best in the industry.

Why chose

Emirates International India Exchange

The foundation of a great company is its people. Without satisfied employees, there will be no satisfied customers. Through our ongoing training programs and a challenging and rewarding working environment, we ensure our employees are nurtured and empowered to be their best selves. Not just that, our employees share our core values when providing services and are constantly striving to improve for our customers which is why we now offer multilingual experts to cater to your money transfer and forex needs.